Get More Done With a Weekly Schedule

Productivity - (09/9/12)

Last week I mentioned how I felt that my lack of a proper weekly schedule has been letting me down recently. Although I have been making progress with my goals it certainly hasn’t been as fast as I originally hoped, and this is mostly down to procrastination rather than unfeasible targets. Picture the scene, I’ve [...]

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Oh No I didn’t! #PIA

Blogging, Productivity - (09/2/12)

Well what can I say, it’s been a while and a half since I last wrote anything here, cue a lengthy list of excuses which completely vindicate me on all counts..! The truth is I don’t really have any, I’ve just been distracted by a whole variety of things with the thought “I should really [...]

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3 Obvious Ways To Improve Your Productivity People Seem To Ignore

Productivity - (05/22/12)

You would have a hard time arguing that increasing your productivity when working to make money online is a bad thing, in fact I’m going to stick my neck out and say you would be plain wrong, if you disagree we can fight it out in the comments later! I’ve dedicated last week (and the [...]

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Nose Streaming Goodness!

General - (05/21/12)

How many years have you wanted to watch a live video stream of a colossal nose at will? Many I bet… A bit of a random one but as you may have noticed I’ve decided to add a video stream to this site of my desk when I’m working on #OMTI related projects. Not the [...]

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